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Learning Technology Partners (previously known as Convene) is an early distance learning company and the largest company in that market. The software company was founded in the late 1980s by Larry Allen when he created collaborative seminary training programs.

Convene have no raises for employees, management is horrible, and health insurance is expensive and tettible, according to a former employee at

"No raises are ever given. The management is absolutely horrible and the company policies are enforced at their discretion. Expensive health insurance that is horrible."


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Customer says

"I still can't believe the amount of disrespect I received working 9-10 hour days for this place. Outrageous perspective. It even began to feel cult-like when I heard from the loyal employees who "loved the CEO" and the extensive list of "values" (??it's a place for meetings. Stay on track here..), one value being "GRIT". Grit stands for everything teamwork, integrity, hutzpah, etc., so one would think that when I stood up against harassment that was happening in the workplace I would've won a badge, but I ended up putting a target on myself.. The person I complained about was commended and the people she was lying about were seen as weak. I was basically told to suck up to the new bossy girl who was keeping tabs on and reporting all of us. Anyways, It sucked not being recognized, working too hard, getting paid minimum, living in confusion as to who my manager even Was, and I was fired soon after my harassment chat with NO explanation (besides my "dress code," but it didn't make sense. It was the complaint. Sneaky BS. ) I was happy to leave, I only wish I had quit first :) F these guys."

Preeti N says

"Had a horrible experience at this place and do not recommend anyone go there! The manager at Convene basically attacked me. When I told him the he was making me uncomfortable with the tone he used as I was a client, he told me he would terminate my membership. He continued to intimidate and harass me. I was VERY upset and burst into tears as he spoke to me.

He basically said because I am not a big business client, he did not care about me. I came here with IVY as an ambassador. I will be informing IVY about how I was racially profiled. I will also be informing IVY if they continue to do business with Convene, I will be canceling my membership.

In any case, I begged the manager not to terminate my membership (despite the fact that he harassed me) and I asked if we could amicably resolve whatever issue he had as I did not want to terminate my membership. Finally, he agreed that the issue was amicably resolved. We shook hands and he told me in person "I will see you tomorrow."

The next morning, I get a call from the sales team telling me I am not welcome to use the space anymore and to not come in. I was literally right outside the door and had to turn back to go home.

I explained the issue to the sales person and he told me he would speak to his team and get back to me but no one ever called me back.

They handled this issue very poorly. Especially since I had a discussion with the Manager the previous day telling me we had amicably resolved the issue.

As a non-white immigrant female, I do believe I was racially profiled. Please do not use this space!!!!!!"

Christine McMullan says

"We had a great experience with our April 24 meeting. The staff were very attentive and the food was delicious.
My one star rating is in regards to the management team (specifically Julie Noda) who ignored our requests for securing dates for future meetings - specifically 4-6 months prior to the scheduled meeting. We sent 2 emails to Julie and received no responses. As a result we have scheduled our October meeting at the Grand Hyatt in midtown instead as we prefer to do business with organizations who are willing to work with us and are responsive to our inquiries."

Richard says

"I keep getting emails asking me "as a client of Convene" to rate my expereince. I am NOT a client and I have no expereince that I know of. Kindly take me off your list. Thank you."

Jasmine says

"Was told that because I work at Comcast they would be flexible with rescheduling of our meeting. Then all of a sudden new rules were added after the fact that it had to stay in the same quarter, etc.

I'll never give business to Convene. I'd rather use a local hotel if I have to for my big meetings."

Dar says

"Major failure to carry out two significant aspects of our event. Food service failed to provide (or was not told to) provide a second buffet.
AV failed to provide adequate (and paid for $1600) service
Also, seating was squeezed, despite being told in advance that we would have an audience of significantly older adults with cancer.
Food was great and the Convene staff were lovely."

KM says

"Would be much more useful if not so expensive, often hard to justify the cost. Their cancellation policy is also one of the strictest I've experienced. But they do have a great facility, amenities, and the staff is very responsive. I just wish we could use them more."

Renee says

"Although the location is spectacular, and the staff was very friendly and helpful, especially during our program. They were professional and very helpful. They worked with me to make sure we had everything we needed and made sure we were all comfortable. Our guests raved over the location and told us all that we needed to do all of them at that location. We Agree! HOWEVER, the location is extremely expensive. We paid nearly $16,000 for 35 people to use the facilities for 2 rooms. And even though we felt is was far more expensive than it should be, we were willing to book all of our 2020 programs with Convene. This is until we learned we had to pay 25% of the contract today to hold the dates on programs that were as far out as November 2020. We have our next program for 80 people at a hotel in Arlington and another hotel booked for 500 people in Dallas TX and all they needed to secure the dates was a credit card. They don't even require payment until AFTER the event. To expect us to pay $5000-10,000 now for programs we will hold in January, May and November of 2020 is utterly ridiculous and not something most businesses would be able to do, especially given that most of the funds to cover the event will be coming in from ticket sales to the event. I really wish they made it easier to want to or to be able to book the venue."

Joan says

"While the staff was very nice and competent, the cost has become prohibitive. The fixed menu does not fit our needs so we ended up paying extra for changes. Having food set up "in the room" was also a bone of contention each and every time we booked a conference room. We have decided to use a different venue to host our board meetings."

Nelson says

"Too many things to review to make sure changes are updated.
Not very happy with a few members
Not trustworthy"

n/a says

"Not very accommodating in my experience and always technology issues on the convene side when doing a presentation."

Adelaida says

"Still need to make progress with the food selection and prices."

Padraic says

"Overall I was happy with my experience at Convene in Phila.
However, there were some minor presentation / service issues that I would not have expected to find in a venue that prides itself on excellence in service. When I arrived, for example, there was no one at the reception desk and I was left disorientated, unaware of where to go. Maintenance-wise I felt the Phila location was good but not great - scuffed skirting etc. The facility lacked atmosphere for some reason and felt like a Sunday ..."

Heather says

"The small room I had was great for interviewing job candidates (4 people were in the room for them) and the right price but when I went to book space for a two day meeting with more people (9) the cost was prohibitive. The snacks and beverages offered in the common space were very good though and they had different snack selections from the usual choices both times I used Convene. The front desk attendant greeted my job candidates and was very helpful with questions we had. Overall I would have loved to use Convene again for my meeting I was planning but it was just too expensive - I got better rates from local hotels."

Russ says

"less flexible on items then they should be"

Laura says

"your facilities are TOO expensive & there's no flexibility for 1/2 day trainings"

Micaela says

"We really love the convene locations! I am rating a 3 because of your cancellation policy. We have meetings that change at the last minute, and there seems to be no flexibility with convene on getting credits to be used in the future if we cancel with a certain amount of notice. I understand if we cancel with less then 24 hrs, but anything with more then 24hrs it would be nice to receive a credit for future use."

Tammy says

"I was disappointed with the food in terms of accommodating all diets, especially vegetarian and vegan."

Tina says

"I think Convene is a nice place to host offsite Meetings, but it's a bit pricey and can be a deterrent. The endless snacks are nice, but it's also pricey. I wasn't too happy with the food selections. While I like Founding Farmer's, it's not a favorite. They need to get new selections as the same thing can get old fast. My first meeting there did not go off w/o a hitch and the cost for equipment was pricey. I guess that comes with holding an event offsite, but there should be a cost advantage for large firms that do a lot of business."

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